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Neta H. Fulkerson

Why are we getting free movie channels right now. If you want to give us something free send us something useful like Fox News.


hey i have a diretv reciever not the tivo one and my parents have put a parental lock on and i was wondering if there was any way to reset or bypass the code without having to call direct tv directly so if anybody has ny information plz tell me


Tracy Allison

DirecTV always offers better deals to new subscribers than their loyal customers who have been with them for years !!!!


i have a older rca directtv remote and i need the code for my tv can you tell me how to find it?

Paul Tatman

Does anyone know the status of that lawsuit against Phillips about defects/ false claims in their Model DSX-5540 Directv Receiver? I'm thinking about buying one cheap as a second unit, but don't want a lemon! It has some nice features, but if they don't work as advertised, no deal...any user testimony?


directv bills are retarded we get a bill it seys we owe around 200.00 so i call the animated number it said we owe 160.00 now my hubby gets them on the line the tell him to pay 51.00. does this make any sense?


Fox news is on DTV. Channel 360.


I am very disappointed with Rapid Satellite. I purchased a DirecTV system from RS with the understanding that I would receive a free DVR (after rebate). The system has been installed and inquiries regarding the free DVR were made only to find out that because I did not specifically request the free DVR during the order process that I am out of luck, even though I provided the promo-code associated with the free DVR.

I do not recommend doing business with Rapid Satellite.

Sam Day

I spent a lot of money on the football ticket again only to find out that I cannot watch the games I want to see. I live in an area devoid of ANY tv signal and not any cable to speak of. I subscribe to the New York network stations and the West Coast stations so I can have some of the news. In Texas, I could not watch the Bears/Lions nor the Packer/Brown game. I even wonder why I keep giving my $200.00 per year for the privilege of not watching the games I want to see.

Sergio Vaquera

I bought a second Directv h10 remote control, just like the original and it works fine when I program it for other devices. However it does not work on my H10 Directv receiver. My receiver is programed to RF. Do I have to program the remote control? Is there a code for this receiver? Does any one know where I can find one (if any). I thought when I pulled this remote control out of the box it would automatically work with my receiver. My receiver model only says "H10 Receiver"

Johnny Mae Witherspoon

Why can't I pay my Direct TV bill online?

arthur Luffman

I always renewed the NFL Ticket each year and this year I purchased the Super Fan Feature only to find out that I cannot watch it due to the fact I need a D10 Receiver which I do not possess. I got a letter and called Customer Service and after ONE HOUR of being put on hold I finally got the $50.00 discount promised me when I signed up. I was told to fax the letter because they did not know of any such offer to send me the D10 receiver at no charge since my hardware did not support the feature. I already paid $49.50 and they had billed me for another $49.50 for a feature I cannot watch. They refuse to help me and said I could cancel and go else where. So Buyers beware because if you get a new feature on a discount from Direct TV you will never see it and you will be stuck with useless channels and no one to help you. Direct TV is a rip off. I have called them 3 times to tell them I do not want to renew the NBA Ticket due to blackouts etc and games on the west coast come on at midnight etc. It still appears on my bill and they will bill me and then refuse to take it off because I got it renewed automatically. So Buyer Beware becasuse you will pay out the nose for features that do not work and they know it will not work when you sign up for it.

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