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Steve A.

Have had Dish Network about 15 months. First impression was very good but the installation has been decaying in the last 3 or so months.
The first problem to appear is a loss of sync causing increasingly bad digital anomalies that worsened until a complete loss of signal (with storms, it was expected, all other comments refer to clear skies.
A crude method of checking for obstructions in the signal path showed that some of the problem might be related to the poor installation which has the antenna pointed at a nearby utility pole and mounted transformer.
Sometimes, the 105 reception was restored after running the switch test on the DP34. Any time the signal disappeared, it was only the odd transponder channels that went, the even seemed unaffected.
After spending 44 years in electronics, including areas from DC to ~140 Gb, I am familiar with problems that can affect HF systems but this thing is so random, I have been unable to get a handle on it yet and since 105/9 is the channel for our local and network reception, it has stung. After studying a lot of info on the net, I still cannot determine whether the LNB, switch or receiver itself is at fault and I have chased thousands of problems in dozens of areas of electronics.
I still have some things left to try; have just been too lazy to do so.
I refuse to pay the $99 service charge to find something that may not even be present when someone comes.
For the price of the service call, I can buy both a new LNB and DP34 switch so I may just go that route.
If the problem is still present, I would demand the 522 receiver be replaced.

This kind of problem is annoying but I have at least the background to pole around on my own but I could not recommend Dish based on our first 1 1/4 years of use.


Why is dish network not giving the same Pax tv that cable and Direct tv gets.All day long its the very same sales that they show each day.Everyone that doesnt have dish says they are seeing old 50 and 60 shows.Dish tells me its the same one.Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this.Mona

Joe S.

Steve A. I install dish netowk systems and could give you some things to try. You have a superdish with 3 LNBs correct? Some known issues with the 105/121 LNB are heat with some and radar detectors with some also. Since the 105/121 can receive more interference, I can't remember the exact details as to why but the LNB is dirrerent than say the 110. So more outside interference can mess it up. If your problem occurs during hot periods of the day its most likely a bad LNB. If you argue with dish they may be able to send you parts to try out, they just need them returned if the problem isn't fixed or return the bad part(s). As for the power lines, it may or may not affect the dish. It could be that your locals are aiming right into the lines, which would be a problem. You would need an inclinometer to tell though, and you would need to know the elevation that the 105 is at in your area. You can email me for other help if you want. These are just some of the obvious things we run into, if it is not any of these then it could be something in the line, say a white barrell if you have any in the system. You would need all RG-6 going to the receiver and if the tech used a wall-plate or a female-female "barrell" with a white core inside then that could cause sporatic signal loss also. There are other troubleshooting steps also, these are just some common ones I run into. I have to agree with you that the dish network techs really don't know squat when it comes down to it and most don't use a logical thought process while troubleshooting. It could be your tech was inexperienced or was not trained properly. Hope this helps some.

Al Schrader

I have Dishnet. There are only two HD movie channels
and nearly all of the other channels are Home Shopping channels, religious, or boring.
Would be nice to have a couple of regular channels that feature action movies.


Vrinda Pandav

Totally disappointed. Loose the signal, so many times while watching program that I get practically mad at myself for keeping the Dish Network service.


I have (had) been a dish network customer for over 10 years (which is a bad thing because I have old equipment and have to pay full price to get any new technology). December of last year my boss gave me a new HD receiver that he had just purchased - retail (he dropped dish when he attempted to activate the new receiver and Dish refused to without a dish installer onsite and a full audit of all of his receivers). He canceled his account and moved to DirecTV. I promptly activated the new HD receiver on my account even though I had to pay a outstamding balance of $118.00. At last I had HD on my new 47" HD TV! All seemed good until January when I came home and found that ALL my receivers had been deactivated! I had to call the "audit team" in Colorado and was told that the HD receiver was part of a "fraud" audit and I was not supposed to activate it. After jumping through several "supervisor" hoops THE AUDIT TEAM reactivated my receivers and all seemed good agian .. until last night! I came home hoping to watch Monday Night Football only to find that my HD receiver had no programing! The audit team strikes again!! I called customer service and was told that they could not help me I had to call the AUDIT TEAM. After speaking to a rather nice fellow last night (although he could not help me) he promised to contact his supervisor and have her call me today. That never happened so I called back tonight and got transfered back to THE AUDIT TEAM. This time I got a S.O.B. that basically stated "tuff sh_t" and offered to close my 10 year old account.
My account is paid until 9/24. By then I will have DirecTV installed and I will be a factor in moving as many people from Dish Netwok as is humanly possible!

If you hear Dish Network ---- RUN!


Joe sound like he knows his stuff Steve. I would have said the same things. you need to check the "barrells" Wall Plates & Ground Block for white plastic inside. If you have these you must change them to Blue inside. High Freq Barrells is what you need.

This happens after your service has been upgraded to local channels. A good installer would look for these and change them at the time of the upgrade. You can also E-mail me if needed.


Hi Mona I see on my guide ch 181 PAX that they do have alot of paid programming I also see Bonanza and some game shows. Do the people you know that don't have dish see a diff show @ the same time as you see it? It may be a Feed Insert.


I've had Dish for 6 months now and am so frustrated with it. The second remote control stops working and I have called to have it reset a dozen times. The only way I can get it to work again is unplugging the unit. When you call for technical help they do not want to come out. You get the runaround over the phone. I am so fed up with Dish and will cancel and get Direct TV again when this contract is over.


Vrinda this cant be true dish has rolling #s you could have gave them. They just wanted to make sure this hd rec was in your house. Thats why they shut it off.

daniel gaines

I have had dishnetwork for 4 years and never had a problem. I do however want another multi-switch.


I have has Dish for 9 years. Recently, and for the first time, I added a second receiver. The new receiver has two tuners, and my primary receiver has one. So to provide a feed to each of these three tuners, I switched out my old Dish Pro Twin with a Dish Pro Quad. Everything worked well for a few days, and now everything has gone berserk. WE lose the signal for hours at a time, then have it come back very strong for hours at a time (We arent doing anything to make the signal vary like that. Its like it has a mind of its own). If the new receiver had some software or other problems, could it be screwing up the whole system for us and causing those reception changes? Also, the Quad Lnb we bought was used--but from a reputable distributor. Is it likely that these symptoms could be caused by a bad LNB? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Joe

David L. Bird

I had Directv before I was lured away to Dish by a first time customer deal on hdtv equipment. Big mistake. The customer service for Dish is poor but my main complaint is the slowwww program guide. If you need to go forward more than a couple hours, you might be better off running to the store for a TV Guide. to find out what football I can get on the weekend, I search the web. It's faster.

I'd switch back to Directv, but I'd have to buy all new equipment since I wouldn't qualify as a new customer. Might switch anyway.


steve a: the 105 satellite uses an FSS lnbf, this is little better than Analog/Microwave technology. in some cases the FSS feed can be blocked or distorted by magnetic fields like those that would surround some transformers. I am a LSC trainer with Dish, and have seen this a few times. Also, some older 105 FSS LNBFs were recalled due to heat sensitivity. i hope this helps.



it could definitely be the Quad, but another thing to consider is this: with a dual tuner receiver the #1 port passes 24 volts constant (to power dishpro plus technology) and if the Quad you have is Legacy(non dishpro)

it can screw-up the internal workings of the quad. (legacy is dependent on 13 and 18 volts with a varience of plus or minus 3 volts)

another thing is: make sure the system is grounded with UL listed ground blocks rated at 950 to 2100 MHZ. Dual tuners are notorious for grounding problems (to extensive to go into here)

and lastly, sorry but as a Trainer i have to ask, are you sure that when you mounted the Quad you didn't bump the dish? :) All it takes is a couple of centimeters to loose just enough signal to through the whole system out of wack.

raul izaguirre

hello I have a remote control 103602 of dish network. do you know the codes to program my television?


Joe go back to your retailer and ask for a trade out of the LMB. I think that could be it. If you only have the dish 500 ask them if you can get Dish Pro eq. Itss much better and easy to install.

It's all about the Install. I installed my dish 4 years ago and I have never had to fix anything. Please find the best Installer or Retailer you can get and have them fix and guarantee your system.

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